We as a NGO in the neighborhood we work at, most of the families live under the general standards of our country in terms of education  and Gross Domestic Product per Capita, our aim is to draw some attention to the mentally incompetent and physically handicapped children and raise awareness to the community we live in.


We also have an education Special Education Center ( works for disadvantaged groups (handicapped individuals, migrants, unemployed population settled in our region). We have strict relationships with local educational and social authorities in Ankara/Turkey.


Population which we try to give service is not aware of being a part of a society. They have no knowledge about their environment and social rights. We also want to remind them that they have so many social rights. We also want to give contributions to decision-makers, policy-makers for ongoing activities related civil constitution period in Turkey with this project.


With JO.TRA.DI project, we will organize events and activities, monitor the events and organizations and give consciousness at first hand, follow the legal procedures and official approvals of the organizations to work environmental education to improve the sustainability and improve the employability of target groups identified in JO.TRA.DI project proposal.


With the help of JO.TRA.DI project we will share all gains, implementations with families, teachers, trainers, academician’s esp. stakeholders in our region like business owners, NGOs work with Autism Disorder and Intellectual Disorder owner individuals. Transferred JO.TRA.DI competency profile, the training course structure and the tools will be useful for wide target groups all over Turkey. We work for that aim with enthusiasm.


Contact Person:
Tel: +90 5052 4883 89